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If you compete or are interested in ShowJumping or Eventing then I can help you and your horse's Jumping ability by improving confidence, general horse riding control, balance and performance by using a mixture of Jumping, Flat Work, Grid Work and Pole Work in your training lessons. Also I offer Rider development coaching and mentoring to raise your confidence levels and insider knowledge of all those extra small things to give you a competitive edge. Lesson's are available for experienced and novice Adults and Children.

On your first Lesson we will discuss any areas you feel that you need assistance with, then use the training session to start reaching your goals. 

A little bit more about me, my name is Natalie Pym and I am a 39 year old Former International Show Jumper who represented Team GB at numerous international shows in France, Belgium, Germany and Portugal including the European Championships. I have also competed at all the major shows including HOYS and Olympia. My professional career was unfortunately cut short due to Injury but I still trained horses, competed and rode full time for another ten years before concentrating on schooling my family’s horses.

My main trainer and mentor for 14 years was Olympic show jumper David Bowen. He taught me not only how to ride and show jump but also how to understand horses and how to adapt to each horse to achieve the best results out of them, as each horse is so unique. This knowledge, experience and passion for the sport has helped me to produce horses from novice to grade A.

My other main Trainer was Franke Sloothaak who is one of the worlds best trainers. While on Team GB I was based in Germany for 6 month's at Franke's yard with my horses as his only student and he personally taught me advanced flatwork for hours every day. At the time I was based at his yard he was the Show Jumping World Champion along with the reigning Team Gold medal winner at the Olympics. 

After 25 years of Riding and schooling my familys horses whilst concentrating on my children I started Natalie Pym Equestrian to offer my experience from the amazing opportunities I have had in my equestrian life.

More about my Trainer David Bowen

David bowen 1984 olympic silver medal winner and horse trainer

David Bowen was my sporting hero and luckily he became my Mentor and Trainer for over 14 years. When I was 15 I left School and I stayed and worked at David's Yard for over 6 months where he trained me in all aspects of Show Jumping and Horsemanship including how to get a deeper bond with a Horse. He also taught me how to Walk and Ride Technical Courses Correctly to achieve the best results.

David was a team Silver Medalist at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, with 35 years experience and a member of over Twenty Nation's Cup teams he is now regarded as one of the sport's most out standing trainers.

David's Main Achievements

  • King George V Gold Cup
  • 4 times winner Hickstead Speed Derby
  • Silver Medal 1984 Olympics
  • Everest Grand Prix, Hoys 
  • Gold Medal Team Trainer

More about my Trainer Franke Sloothaak

Franke sloothaak an olympic and world gold medal winning horse show jumper

While I was on the British Team I was based in Germany at Franke Sloothaak's yard whilst he was the reigning World and Olympic Gold Medal Champion, he is a hugely technical perfectionist and whilst there I was his only Student and he gave me intensive daily training centred mostly around Flat Work, Grid Work and Pole Work. He also concentrated his training around Control and Balance and how to Correctly School a Horse so it uses all its Muscle Groups.

Franke's Main Achievements

  • 1984 Olympic Bronze Medal
  • 1988 Olympic Gold Medal
  • 1996 Olympic Gold Medal
  • 1994 World Champion Individual Gold
  • 1994 World Champion Team Gold
  • 1998 World Champion Individual Bronze
  • 1998 World Champion Team Gold
  • Puissance World Record Holder at 7ft 1

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